Writing Guidelines

At Engine Optimization Search, we are dedicated to publishing great written content. Share your ideas with our fast-growing audience. All we ask is that your article piece is about SEO, web development, social media, content marketing, and anything in between. But before you start writing, read our guidelines below.

Authentic work

The articles must be authentic and never published anywhere else online. Once your work appears on Engine Optimization Search, you can quote it on your blog/website and use excerpts with a link to your article. You can use any online plagiarism checker to make doubly sure your online content is 100% original.

Tell us a story from your perspective

Feel free to write from your own experiences. Tell us real-life stories and use those examples to bolster your message. Also, make sure that the topic hasn’t already been explored from the same perspective by other contributing authors. Scan the content in our categories list to get a sense of covered topics.

Your target audience

Our mission is to provide practical tips, guidance, insight, and advice to our readers and tackle issues regarding SEO, web development, and content marketing. Choose your target audience wisely (youth groups, businesses, startups, IT companies, marketing agencies, NGOs, etc.). Think about the people you want to address in your article and always have your reader in mind when expressing your viewpoint, concerns, knowledge or personal experience.

The headline

The article headline has to intrigue your readers and gives them an enticing representation of the problem or question you are analyzing. Keep it short, engaging, and memorable.


  • The headline should be around 6 words, more or less.
  • Use power adjectives (practical, amazing, essential, exciting, enticing, shocking, etc.)
  • Use numbers – the more the merrier. Odd numbers work better than even ones.
  • Use questions that contain an answer to the problem. This indicates to the readers that they may learn something new.
  • Feel free to use negative-sounding words.


Note that all these suggestions are optional, just make sure they work for you not against you when creating a headline.

Article structure


The minimum required length is 600 words. Try not to go over 1500 words, unless you feel like your topic demands a more thorough approach.


  • The first sentence can make or break the reader’s will to carry on reading. Use it to send a unique message that resonates with your audience.
  • Use one to two short paragraphs for your introduction to present the general idea behind your topic and intrigue your reader to continue exploring what you have to offer.
  • Keep it conversational, informative and ask questions that you will provide answers for throughout the text.
  • The last sentence in your introduction should include a practical reason why they should continue reading and what they might learn from you. Think of it as an opportunity to convince your readers that you offer something useful to them.


Divide your article optimally into 3-5 parts with headings. Each heading you discuss has to reflect your arguments that support your statement on the subject. Also, feel free to use the Enter key and divide those paragraphs. Good article structure improves readability so avoid content bulkiness.


Every story needs to have a proper ending. Wrapping up your article with a bang should reinforce your message and summarize the key takeaways for your reader.


You can insert up to 2 in-article links that need to lead to pages relevant to the topic of your article. After we publish your article on Engine Optimization Search, we politely ask you to add a link to it on your website/social media.


  • Use single spaces between sentences.
  • Use numbered or bulleted list options when inclined.
  • Avoid any excessive capitalization.
  • Feel free to add images to your article, just make sure to state the source link.


Remember: these are just guidelines, not actual rules. And most importantly, have fun writing!


Once you decide what topic you are going to cover, please email us with your title and submission date. It will be much appreciated.


When you finish writing your article, email us your *.doc file for revision or share a Google Drive link of the file with enabled editing options. State your full name and title in the file name.


In addition to your article, please include an intriguing meta description of 155 characters (not words) that will include keywords your topic is focused on. It serves as a hint about the content of your article that readers will see when browsing their search engines. This, too, can make or break their desire to click on the link and read more.

Author Contributors

If you are writing for Engine Optimization Search website for the first time, please send us the following so we can present your profile to the readers:


  • Full name or pseudonym.
  • Short bio (3-5 sentences).
  • Feel free to include a link to your website and/or social media.
  • Image attachment of your headshot in jpg. the format at a minimum size of 600×600 pixels (this is optional).