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Chatbots – Persistent army of Social Media Marketing

There are few of us today that remember the times when our favorite social media platform wasn’t filled with various advertisements about the things we initially searched for on Google. For a great number of people that use social media nowadays these things work in mysterious ways that leave them confused and sometimes even worried. Luckily for most of us, there is an army of Chatbots that are created in a first place to make us less disoriented while surfing our favorite social media platform and numerous other sites. Sometimes they will be more than useful in resolving our issues from a certain topic other times they might just advertise something then just vanish without a trace. One thing is for sure, they never complain and they are always more than happy to make our lives a little bit easier every day.

There to answer your question, at any time – at any place

Chat Box

They predate the Virtual Reality and all the shocking technology of today’s Artificial Intelligence world. Chatbots, like the one found in the bottom right corner of this Bucharest nightlife guide website, served as everyone’s intuitive helper for more than a decade. Now more than ever we use them when we need a fast response to a question. Needless to say that a job that once required a human person to sit on his or her chair and respond to simple questions is replaced with an AI software that is not only fast and accurate but delivers the information you need 24/7.

Up until recently, numerous companies used social media to promote different campaigns and promotions in hope that eventually it will make the online community go back to their website and then pick the service or goods to their liking. All of that changed when the chatbot revolution occurred.

You see, today (especially the younger generations) prefer to use chatbot service while connecting to a new brand or while having a prolonged relation with the one they already use. No one can say for sure whether is it because of the potential anxiety or they generally pick this method above all for its simplicity.

Making our everyday life just a little bit easier

But the general benefit of it all is that once the chit-chat has started with your little AI friend there is nothing that divides you and their companies full set of services and other possibilities. No longer that you need a phrase in between where you will “fish” for potential customers on social media platforms with boring consistency that sometimes don’t show the satisfied results.

And not only that but the most Chatbots that roam the social media today represent themselves with an initial advertisement that is going to capture your attention immediately leaving you with a little time to even reconsider the eventual purchase. Imagining the world wide web without these little helpers today seems like a hollow reality with low possibilities.

Not only do they collect the valuable data and return it to the company that will eventually increase your overall satisfaction with it, but they will also be more than perfect customer support that is going to work 24/7 for you without complaining. With advancement in their intelligence every day one can only wonder what kind of chatbots we might get in ten years, let alone twenty or more…

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