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The Internet is the modern-day world’s hub of innovation and creativity, transforming the way we do business, deal with customers, and interact with one another. The rapid growth of mobile phone and broadband usage has accelerated the digital revolution and we at Engine Optimization Search are dedicated to documenting and sharing ideas that come with it.

Brand Word

How An Engaging Brand Name Will Always Be More Than Half Of Your Product?

When the steam engine was created we had no doubt. When feudalism fell and people have risen to power we had none either. Yet today, all academics of the world can unanimously agree that this day of age can be called the Marketing era. Some two decades ago when the ...
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Chat Bot

Chatbots – Persistent army of Social Media Marketing

There are few of us today that remember the times when our favorite social media platform wasn't filled with various advertisements about the things we initially searched for on Google. For a great number of people that use social media nowadays these things work in mysterious ways that leave them ...
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Promotion Product

Consistency – The main pillar of content marketing

It may seem too obvious that consistency in virtually anything that you do can bring eventual results at the end. While that may be far fetched for things that are not done properly it seems that for content marketing nowadays it proves to be the most important thing to do ...
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Seo On Page

On-Page SEO – How to make your content more noticeable

Google is getting smarter and smarter by every day and so your search engine optimization needs to get too. We are know how Google used to only rely on keywords in the past but their algorithms today include various factors that make the eventual top of the search result list ...
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Web Design Software

How to outshine competitors and leave a mark in the golden age of digital marketing with perfect design

We live in a time where we are bombarded with movies that are more than certain about utopist ideas for the future of digital marketing. Some of them are still hard to grasp yet there are countless of others that only seem unrealistic at first sight. Considering the fact that ...
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